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Common questions

What is the good stuff by ahm?

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It’s a monthly subscription service that lets you grab great deals on top health and lifestyle brands, so you can worry less about saying yes.

How is it different to my current private health insurance?

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When you join the good stuff, you can worry less about saying yes to the things you need - even things you thought you needed private health insurance for. Instead of just offering up genius deals for your health needs, like dental and physio, we’ve also got the good stuff for your lifestyle like the gym and yoga classes

Plus, you can cancel any time, and redeem your discounts straightaway.

Can I share it with my family?

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This is all about you my friend. Except for the DB Dental services, where the 10% off also applies to your kids, this subscription is for individual members only.

Where can I use my good stuff discounts?

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We've hooked you up with the following WA partners and we're always adding more:

DB Dental
Goodlife Health Clubs
KX Pilates
Move Forward & Move Well Physiotherapy
Naked Foods
Dinner Twist

How do I cancel my subscription?

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You can cancel at any time by logging into your account and selecting the Membership tab, then selecting Cancel Subscription. Subscribers will continue to access services up until the end of their billing cycle.